Singapore Airlines passenger touched to get surprise gift from crew

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Imagine you're on a plane flying home to Singapore and suddenly a crew member asks you to go to the galley.

What could it be for? Is something wrong?

For one Singapore Airlines (SIA) passenger, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

On Tuesday (May 17), Naseem Huseni posted on SIA's Facebook page:

In the galley, a flight steward named Jariel presented Naseem with a drawing of two cats playing with a toy plane, with the message "Thank you for flying with us! Ms Naseem".

The passenger speculated that she might have received the gift plus other souvenirs because she was a "role model passenger" as she is always "nice and grateful" to the crew since she had been "on the other side of the spectrum".

When contacted by Stomp, Naseem explained: "I have been a cabin crew before with a different airline. It was a long time back though. As such, I understand when passengers are nice to me."

In response to her Facebook post, SIA commented: "Hi Naseem, thank you for sharing with us. We are glad to hear that you have had a pleasant flight. May we seek further details of your positive experience via for our colleagues in the relevant department to convey your compliments to our cabin crew?"

Naseem replied: "Sure you can. In fact I am going to write a compliment letter n email to you, as the other crew on board were just as awesome."

The 57-year-old told Stomp that she has been in the service industry "for eons" and thus values customer service.

She said: "If anyone deserves acknowledgement, I don’t hesitate to write a compliment. How else will the management know that you have done a good job?"