Silvercab driver SHB8308E resigns from Premier Taxis after incident of him bullying female motorist

A Silvercab driver who was caught on camera taunting a female motorist has resigned from Premier Taxis, the company told Stomp in an update on Wednesday (Oct 24).

This comes after a Stomp report about how the cabby, with licence plate number SHB8308E, was seen repeatedly switching between lanes to block the female car driver along Loyang Avenue on Oct 19.

A video of the cabby's actions, taken by Facebook user Daniel Lim, went viral online.

It also sparked outrage among netizens, who slammed the taxi driver for being reckless and called him a road bully.

Reckless taxi driver SHB8308E bullying lady driver. Pls help to share.

Posted by Daniel Lim on Friday, 19 October 2018

Following a Stomp query, a Premier Taxis spokesman said on Monday (Oct 22) that it had spoken to both the cabby and the female driver involved in the incident.

It was found that an earlier altercation had led to the events captured in Mr Lim's video.

In an updated statement on Wednesday, Premier Taxis told Stomp that the cabby has resigned from the company.

A spokesman said: "With regards to the post in Stomp pertaining to our taxi SHB8308E, Premier Taxis noted that there were further feedback and comments posted on social media.

"As we appreciate public feedback and opinions, we felt that it was important for us to address specific issues with our hirer.

"During our engagement, the hirer found it appropriate to resign from our company in the interest of all parties. We have therefore accepted his resignation.

"Premier wishes to assure the commuting public that we value feedback and take our role as a public transport operator seriously. The interest and safety of our commuters are foremost amongst our objectives."