Side of car badly damaged in accident at Toh Tuck Road

Submitted by Stomper Heng

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The wreckage of a car was spotted by Stomper Heng at Toh Tuck Road near Burgundy Hill at 9am today (Oct 27).

Stomper Heng told Stomp, "I was stuck in the traffic jam for over an hour. After a while in the jam, I saw a car which was quite badly damaged. I saw another one later which was also damaged but I didn't take a picture of it."

Heng also reported seeing Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers at the scene who were helping to direct traffic.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), no one was injured. The car was said to have rammed into another car.

"There is a sharp bend along Toh Tuck Road. It's a blind corner so perhaps that's how it happened," suggested the Stomper.

The Stomper added, "The road is also very narrow and I think that it needs to be widened." 

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