Siblings targeted by Sengkang vandal: Grease, sand and paint splashed on their cars, doorstep

Submitted by Stomper C

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A pair of siblings have been plagued by multiple acts of vandalism being committed against their cars and doorstep in Sengkang.

Stomper C believes that the attacks are not random but specifically targeted at her and her brother, because they are the only ones in the neighbourhood who are affected.

She shared a timeline of events:

  • June - August 2021: Grease-like substances found on their cars

  • September 2021: Sand scattered at their doorstep

  • October 2021: Sand scattered on their cars

  • November 2021: Cars splashed with paint

C also shared dashcam footage showing the culprit vandalising their cars, which had been parked at the multi-storey carpark at Block 146A Rivervale Crescent.

In one video, the vandal can be seen dumping what appears to be a plastic filled with paint on a car windscreen.

C told Stomp: "We do not recognise the culprit, but we speculate that the vandal is acting on instructions from someone who knows us.

"My brother keeps changing his car every few weeks but soon after he makes a change, the new car will be targeted in no time.

"Hence, we suspect that either that person is monitoring us closely or is staying in the area too, as they might have seen my brother driving a new car and know to target it.

"The same person came to our doorstep to scatter sand too."

The ongoing spate of incidents have left Stomper C fearing for her and her family's lives.

However, she denies having offended anyone.

She said: "Some will say these are acts of loanshark harassment, but we did not borrow from loansharks and nor did we offend anyone.

"Some may question how we got a permit for our CCTV camera if we did not borrow from loansharks. We obtained the permit to install the CCTV camera at our doorstep because our neighbour (from the opposite unit) had borrowed from loansharks. We also received letters from the loansharks.

"Despite the consistent car vandalism with footage showing the acts, footage from our doorstep, the loanshark letters and numerous police reports lodged, nothing has been done.

"We are afraid that the suspect might tamper with our car brakes next time. Will the authorities step in only when a life is lost?

"We do not know what else we can do or who else we can seek help from. Thus, we have to resort to posting this online in hopes of getting the public's attention, advice and help."

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