'Sibeh hot and sibeh long queue' at Giant Hypermarket, but kudos to staff for giving out water

Submitted by Stomper Mark

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Elevated safe distancing measures as part of Singapore's circuit breaker has resulted in crowd control and longer wait times at shops.

Stomper Wilson visited Giant Hypermarket on Saturday afternoon (Apr 18) and shared a video showing a snaking queue outside the store.

He said: "Sibeh hot, sibeh long queue, sibeh jialat."

Stomper Mark said he spent 45 minutes queueing to enter the supermarket, but commended staff for how they dealt with the crowd.

Mark, who was there at around 2pm, told Stomp: "Queueing was implemented to reduce crowds in the supermarket.

"Kudos to the company and staff for being so considerate by giving out free bottled water.

"Their actions were welcoming as it was rather hot. The gesture itself was commendable as they could have easily ignored us."

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