SIA transport ambassador gets sweet surprise from commuter at HarbourFront MRT station

Submitted by Stomper Wong

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A transport ambassador from Singapore Airlines (SIA) was touched to receive a sweet surprise from a commuter at HarbourFront MRT station on Sunday morning (Apr 26).

Stomper Wong shared a picture of the bottle of Ribena that he received from the kind stranger, which also had a note attached to it.

The note said: "Hi SIA transport ambassadors. A drink with Vitamin C to keep you hydrated while on duty."

Wong said: "I am a SIA transport ambassador attached to HarbourFront MRT station and I would like to share this sweet surprise that occurred during my shift on Sunday.

"When the train doors opened at around 7.45am, an anonymous commuter approached me and asked how many of us were on duty.

"I replied that there were three of us and he took out three bottled Ribena drinks and passed them to me. I asked where he was from and he just replied, 'From Singapore' with a smile.

"The train doors closed and he left.

"This anonymous commuter is a Chinese guy. He looked young, maybe around 16 to 20 years old age, and is perhaps a student or young working adult.

"This really warmed our hearts. Such a sweet and kind gesture definitely brings out the Singaporean spirit during this difficult period.

"I would love to thank this anonymous guy, and let him know that we really appreciate his efforts and gesture.

"We hope that we will able to serve him on a Singapore Airlines flight one day after this pandemic ends."

Hundreds of SIA crew members have been redeployed due to the Covid-19 outbreak and low passenger demand in the travel industry.

Some, like Stomper Wong, are working alongside SMRT staff as transport ambassadors while others are taking on the role of care ambassadors to help fill a manpower gap at hospitals.