Showing off your flight tickets online? You're setting yourself up

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May 31, 2022

We’ve all done it at some point – so thrilled to be travelling that we simply must share our joy (and flight details) on social media. 

Well, it seems that by doing so, you might be setting yourself up to be victims of hackers and scammers.

A TikToker, Jason Ho, says it’s “dangerous” business to share snapshots of your flight tickets and passports on Instagram or Facebook. 

In a video he posted on Sunday (May 29), Jason warns that by doing so, you might be giving up personal information such as your full name, mobile number and last four digits of your credit card.

"I'm gonna show you what an influencer did when she went to the SEA Games. She posted a part of her air ticket and passport, and I was able to get everything," Jason said.

"Before you think I'm strange, this is purely for education (purposes) and this happened to just pop up on my Facebook."

@coachjasonho PSA: Personal information hack #learningisfun #PSA #lifehacker #singaporeairlines #coachjasonho ♬ original sound - Coach Jason Ho

He pointed out that a person's last name and e-ticket number double up as log-in details on Singapore Airlines' booking management page. 

Using those details, Jason had easy access to both the person's personal and flight information, and could change or cancel her flight if he wanted to.

"If you want to take a photo (of your flight ticket), please cover it with your thumb or something; the e-ticket number especially," Jason advised.

In the comments section, some netizens said airlines should improve on privacy matters for their passengers. 

Perhaps they could. 

Or perhaps people could just stop shamelessly chasing clout instead? 

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