Shopee seller threatens customer who requested refund for product that didn't meet expectations

Submitted by Stomper Ethan

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Update on August 11:

A Shopee spokesman said they have made direct contact with the user to express their apologies.

The seller has also been suspended to ensure he does not do this to other users.

"We are committed to working with sellers to ensure they provide the best shopping experience for users," the spokesman said.

Original article:

When you receive items you bought online that do not meet your expectations, what do you do?

Most of us request an exchange or refund.

Stomper Ethan shared how he was threatened by a seller on e-commerce platform Shopee after requesting a refund for a tin vintage music poster he had ordered.

"I received death threats from the seller after refunding a product that was poorly cropped and did not match their picture," he said.

In screenshots shared by the Stomper, the seller called him a 'big liar' and said his 'whole family should run to hell happily'.

He also messaged him and said: "F*** you, you're a liar, you're gonna be happy to go to hell.

"Your whole family will die."