Shopee refunds customer who bought monster truck toy but received notepad from seller instead

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Shopee has issued a full refund to a customer who received a notepad instead of a monster truck toy she had bought for her nephew.

The customer told Stomp she ordered the toy on Jan 3 and paid $20.97 for it. She then received a package on Jan 11.

To her dismay, the package contained a notepad instead.

"I purchased a Mohawk Warrior toy from seller," she said.

"But they delivered a notepad.

"[I got the] shock of my life.

"I opened a chat with the seller who kept trying to be funny.

"[They] wanted me to wait and repeatedly sent me this message: 'Apologize dear, please wait for the information as soon as possible from our floor supervisor, I will help pass it on to our floor supervisor.'"

She then told the seller she would make a police report but told Stomp she did not lodge one and instead reported the matter to Shopee.

"I hope no more innocent victims will get cheated," she said.

In response to a Stomp query, a Shopee spokesman said: "We have issued a full refund to the user and suspended the store involved.

"We require all sellers on Shopee to abide by our policies and terms of service, and we do not hesitate to take action when sellers fall short of the standards that buyers on Shopee expect."