Sheng Siong: Supplier investigating case of cigarette butt in sealed packet of preserved plums

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Sheng Siong supermarket has responded to an incident where a cigarette butt was found in a sealed packed of preserved plums at its Woodlands Industrial Park Store on Jan 28.

A Stomper shared that he had visited the supermarket at about 8pm when he was approached by another shopper who showed him the packet.

"She was so shocked and disgusted to see a cigarette butt inside the packaging," he said.

"She asked how this cigarette butt could have gotten inside and said it is very ridiculous no checks wereconducted before selling.

"My reason for sharing this is to inform and ensure suppliers check that no unauthorised content gets mixed with the original product.

"I believe this whole batch should be discarded and not be sold to the public."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from Sheng Siong supermarket said:

"A customer has informed us of the incident at our Woodlands Industrial Park store on 28 January.

"We have immediately checked the stocks on our shelves and the supplier has retrieved the affected packet of EGO Taiwan Liquorice for investigation."