Sheng Siong confirms SMS reminding people to collect prize in monthly draw is not from them

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Sheng Siong told Stomp that recent SMS messages reminding recipients to collect their prize were not sent by them.

Stomper Pang contributed a photo of the message his friend received.

He told Stomp: "My friend had received Sheng Siong message on winning prize on Monday (Sep 23) at about 7.50pm.

"She didn't dare to click on the link, suspecting it could be a scam."

This is not the first time SMS messages have been sent by "Sheng Siong", informing the recipient that he/she has won a prize. 

The "prize" mentioned in the previous messages was a Huawei P30, while the recent one involves "winning" a Samsung Galaxy S10.

But once again, they have flouted one of the rules of grammar because how can one "win an Samsung Galaxy S10". 

It should've been 'a'.

Other than a different prize, the process is mostly the same. 

A person who opens the link in the message will win the prize on the second "Scratch & Win".

Upon selecting a colour for the phone, the "delivery process" begins and informs that the phone will arrive in five business days.

Personal details and credit card information will then be requested.

In response to a Stomp query, a Sheng Siong spokesperson said: "There have been a series of phishing SMSes that were send out to the public by “ShengSiong”. We have reported to the police and we would like to caution that these SMSes are not send out by us.

"These phishing texts inform the public of their win in a monthly draw and would follow up with friendly reminders on prize collection with winners list appended through a link.

"We would like to inform that the Sheng Siong Mid-Year Lucky Draw season has ended on 3 August 2019. 

"Sheng Siong does not send out SMS notifications to lucky draw winners and winners are never asked to confirm their prizes via links.  

"We urge the public not to proceed with the SMS links or make any card payments.

"Lastly, we advise customers to only trust information shared on our official platforms. When in doubt, please seek clarification through the communication channels below.

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