Sheila Sim disappointed that husband 'failed to plan' for Mother's Day

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May 9, 2022

Remember when you were growing up and there was that kid who was looking sad one day because he thought no one remembered it was his birthday?

And then his parents suddenly gave him a birthday “surprise” and after that everything was alright in the world.

Well, local actress Sheila Sim knows exactly how that kid was feeling.

Except in her case, there was no surprise party or present at the end.

You see, the 37-year-old took to Instagram on Sunday (May 8) to share her “disappointment” that her husband Deon Woo “failed to plan” a Mother’s Day celebration for her.

Aww, man. Really?

According to Sim, whose daughter Layla is 20 months old, Mother's Day is the "most meaningful" day to her, more so than her birthday even.

She wished herself a Happy Mother’s Day before making a not-so-subtle comment about how her husband didn't make the day an event for her.

"No celebrations, no flowers, no cards for me this Mother's Day bcos (sic) the husband failed to plan. I am disappointed, bcos Mother's Day is the most meaningful day for me. Not my birthday but Mother's Day. Bcos i worked so hard to be a mother," Sim wrote.

She said that even though she loves her daughter with "every bit of [her] heart" and "shouldn’t have expectations of returns", she is "only human".

Sim then addressed other mums who were feeling the same way, adding that she understood their “frustration and disappointment”.

In a show of empathy, many of Sheila's followers on Instagram wished her a Happy Mother’s Day in the comments, with several advising her not to be upset with her husband.

They also placated her by saying that Layla would soon be old enough to show her appreciation as well.

That is true. But god forbid Layla ever forgets to mark her calendar on the second Sunday of May.

On Monday (May 9) evening, Sim posted an update on her Instagram, thanking followers who sent her messages of support.

Perhaps having read (or heard) of one or two negative comments pertaining to her earlier post, Sim responded with: "Different things just hit different people at different spots. Mother's Day may not be a big deal for some, but it is for me. So please dont judge by wearing ur own pair of lens."

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