'She will regret deeply it one day': Netizens slam Malaysian woman who renounced $407 million inheritance to marry beloved

The daughter of a Malaysian Tycoon, who gave up her vast inheritance, amounting to S$407 million, in order to marry her boyfriend whom her father had disapproved of, has come under attack from netizens. 

Angeline Francis Khoo, 34, daughter of the tycoon, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng, and former Malaysian beauty queen Pauline Cha, said that she was not on speaking terms with her father after the marriage.

Angeline, a fashion designer, had married her fiancé, Jedidiah Francis, while studying at Oxford University in 2008, reports The Star Online

After news of Angeline forsaking her inheritance for love came to light, many netizens took to Facebook to criticise her actions, including some who accused her of siding with her mother during the latter’s divorce proceedings with Mr Tan, over money. 

Angeline clarified that she had been disowned by her father in 2008 after she got married, and that her parents had only started their divorce proceedings four years later. 

She also said that although regrettable, she was compelled to testify in court.

Addressing the claims by the netizens, she said:

"It was interesting that your first thought was that perhaps a 'deal was struck'; that doesn't seem like a very normal parent-children relationship to me, but perhaps we've had different life experiences which have shaped our world view.”

As for another user who criticised her for not knowing her father’s net worth, Angeline added that it would be odd for children to know the net worth of their parents.

She said that were many things involving her parents which she was concerned about, how much they’re worth is not one of them.

Despite the negative outlook, other netizens showed their support for her brave decision. 

Said a netizen:

"Takes courage to turn down a fortune and follow her heart.

"She also resisted control from her overbearing father.

"I respect that, and I wish them both a happy life together."