SFA investigating incident of cockroach found in porridge from Tampines stall

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is investigating an incident in which a customer found a cockroach in his porridge from a Tampines food stall.

Facebook user Kieron Goh posted about the incident that occurred on Sunday (Jan 23), at around 11am.

He said he had purchased the porridge from Sin Heng Kee Porridge at its Block 477 Tampines Street 43 branch for his mother and himself, just like every weekend.

However, he was "shocked and disappointed" to discover a cockroach in his meal while stirring it.

Sharing a photo of the insect in his food, Goh wrote: "Luckily I had to stir the porridge because I added a few extra ingredients of my own (chilli padi, fish skin, egg whites etc). If not, it could have easily ended up in my mouth without noticing at all.

"I immediately went out of my room to check with my mom if she (had) encountered the same horror too. Fortunately there wasn't, but I told her not to eat it because most likely it came out from the same main pot."

Goh said he subsequently returned to the stall to show them the cockroach.

He added: "I am still a fan of this porridge in fact I think it's one of the best in SG easily. But definitely not buying anymore from the Tampines branch again. Still supporting the Hougang branch and hope this message will be a meaningful one to all. Thanks."

He also alleged that the stall removed his feedback from their Facebook page.

Goh's post has garnered almost 400 shares and over 100 comments, including someone from the Tampines stall.

The person apologised and said the stall would do better, but also told Goh to "please be fair to us before you comment."

She explained how the porridge was cooked and how the kitchen is cleaned, while also pointing out that the cockroach looked to be still "intact".

Meanwhile, Sin Heng Kee Porridge distanced itself from the outlet and said it is not affiliated with its Yishun and Hougang branches.

Sin Heng Kee Porridge said it is aware of the incident and has contacted the person-in-charge, adding: "Do take note that we Sin Heng Kee Yishun and Hougang are not affiliated with Tampines branch.

"They have not gone through any form of training from us whatsoever. They simply are using our name because they are related to our ancestors.

"I repeat, we are not the same company so eat there without comparing with us as like I said, they have never been through any of our training."

In response to a Stomp query, SFA said it has received feedback and is investigating the matter.

It added: "Food safety is a joint responsibility. While SFA puts in place and enforces the regulatory measures, food operators must play their part by adhering to good food hygiene and preparation practices.

"Members of the public who come across any potentially errant food operator should report to SFA via the online feedback form. As part of the enquiry and gathering of evidence, SFA may engage the feedback provider for more details.

"SFA will not hesitate to take enforcement action against errant food handlers if we have obtained sufficient evidence."