Serangoon North flat owner spooked by 'violent' cracking of tiles: "I thought it was an earthquake"

A flat owner was shocked by when tiles in his 13th storey flat suddenly cracked. 

The incident happened at a unit in Block 141 Serangoon North Avenue 2 on Saturday (Oct 7), at around 12.35pm. 

The 67-year-old owner, Mr Zhang told Shin Min Daily News that he was in the living room eating, when he suddenly heard a loud noise akin to firecrackers popping, coming from his grandson’s room. 

His wife, domestic helper and four-year-old granddaughter were present at the time. 

Mr Zhang immediately went to investigate and found that the tiles in the room had buckled. 

Said Mr Zhang

“There were no signs. 

“The tiles just cracked like that. 

“There was a loud sound which went on for about three minutes. 

“It was so scary.

“I thought it was an earthquake at first.”

According to Mr Zhang, the flat had not undergone any renovation since 1989,  when he first moved in. 

He added:

“I estimate reparation fees to cost $5,000.

“I am just a regular taxi driver and don’t earn much.

“My spouse is a housewife.

“I’m genuinely worried that I may be unable to fork out the amount. 

“If push comes to shove, we may just cover the cracks with a carpet.

“Hopefully the tiles don’t crack further.”

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