'Senior supervisor' at CCK pub allegedly slaps patron 3 times -- after she asks for more time to finish drinks

Submitted by Stomper Bai

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A pub patron was slapped by a staffer thrice after a dispute when the latter attempted to chase them out.

Stomper Bai and her friend, Ms Lim, were having a drink at a bar in Choa Chu Kang on Sept 4 at around 10pm. 

The two stayed late, but were unaware of the closing time, which was 1am.

At around 12.57am on Sept 5, a staffer approached them and told them that they had just three minutes to finish their drinks and vacate the premises. 

As they were unaware of the closing time beforehand, Bai and Ms Lim requested for an additional 10 minutes as they each had a full mug of beer. 

During this time, another staffer stepped in to ask what was happening.

She identified herself as a senior supervisor and issued an ultimatum to the two friends: Finish the drink in three minutes and leave or get out immediately.

The two protested that it was too much to drink within the three minutes, and moreover, they were not informed beforehand about the closing time. 

The supervisor then started hurling vulgarities and pointing at the pair.

Ms Lim, unhappy with her attitude, stood up and demanded that she stopped pointing at her.

The supervisor suddenly slapped Bai’s friend on her right cheek and ear, not once, but thrice. 

Ms Lim immediately called the police.

Bai also said that the supervisor kept taunting them while they waited for officers to arrive.

She added:

“She still had the cheek to tell us, ‘You call (the) Police already a not? Don’t waste my time’.

“To a paying customer who just wants to relax at a bar after work, this service attitude is extremely upsetting. 

"My friend and I patronise Club July regularly during the weekends

“Furthermore, we got assaulted."

In response to Stomp’s query, a Police spokesman confirmed that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.

Stomp understands that the incident was reviewed as a case of voluntarily causing hurt and officers were dispatched to 5 Stagmont Ring. 

According to Shin Min Daily News which contacted the pub for a statement on the incident, the supervisor told them that the matter has been investigated by the Police and Club July is unable to give a comment. 

When reporters asked her what time do employees usually inform patrons of the closing time, she said:

"I believe most customers who go to bars and clubs in Singapore would know, that if the place was to operate until 1am, they would be informed by 12.45am."

When asked whether they had informed Bai and Miss Lim at 12.45am about the closing time, the manager declined to comment.