Sengkang coffee shop looking for man who walked away with their iPad

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A man was caught on video walking away with an iPad that belonged to an eatery in Sengkang.

Rasa Rasa Singapore, a coffee shop at Compassvale Bow, posted CCTV footage on its Facebook and TikTok accounts of the man taking an iPad that belonged to the eatery.

According to the timestamp on the video, the incident happened on Apr 30 at about 3.30pm.

theft case at Rasa Rasa Sengkang on April 30th, 2023 about 1532hrs. this man stole our iPad at drink counter. . . . need public eye witnesses assistance to help with police investigation. #fyp #fypsg #theftcase

Posted by Rasa Rasa Singapore on Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The man, wearing a red T-shirt, is seen putting his bag down on a chair before walking over to the drinks stall to order a drink.

He is seen flipping open the iPad's cover while waiting for the staff to prepare his drink.

After receiving his change, he places the money on top of the iPad before picking it up and taking it away with him.

He then reportedly leaves the premises 10 minutes later.

Rasa Rasa indicated on their video that they are "seeking eyewitnesses to help with the police investigation".

A TikTok user suggested that the man may have made a mistake as they had observed earlier in the first video that he had brought what looked like his own iPad and left it on his bag.

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The commenter said: "Maybe he thought the one at the counter was his iPad."

In response to the comment, the eatery posted another video with the caption: "It was a book he held initially and placed it on his bag."