'Selfish' Serangoon Gardens residents reserve parking spaces with rubbish bins -- again

Submitted by Stomper Gabriel

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It has become common practice despite complaints.

Once again, rubbish bins were spotted being used to reserve parking spaces in Serangoon Gardens.

Sharing a photo of the bins, Stomper Gabriel said: "Another street of selfish residents who use rubbish bins to prevent others from parking."

This time, the street is Huddington Avenue.

The Stomper said that bins were not only spotted in front of these two residences. 

"Farther down, there were also quite a few houses with rubbish bins to prevent others from parking."

Just three streets away from Huddington Avenue is Portchester Avenue, where another Stomper had previously called out his neighbours for "choping" parking spaces with bins in September.

Gabriel asked: "What will be done to address this problem?"

In response to a Stomp query on a similar incident, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said: "For such issues within the private estates, the LTA adopts a community approach towards resolving them by advising residents to ensure that their objects do not pose a safety hazard or an obstruction to other users.

"In cases where a community approach fails, or if there are immediate safety concerns caused by the obstruction, LTA will take the necessary enforcement action.

"Under Section 32A of the Street Works Act, LTA is empowered to enforce against any person(s) for placing articles or things on public streets, five-footways and private foot-ways which may cause obstruction and/or inconvenience to the passage of the public."