Self-proclaimed 'Malaysian Wang Leehom' says "no guy will ever love a fat girl"

A man who gained Internet notoriety by claiming to be a lookalike of international celebrity Wang Leehom has sparked Internet backlash for words better left unsaid.

According to World of Buzz, the Malaysian lawyer Jiang went as far as to say, "Please, do not mistake me for Lee Hom if you see me in public."

Despite a few critics, he had fans who admired his confidence and was even invited to a reality television show called 'Call Me Handsome'.

However, his latest social media faux pas recently incurred the wrath of netizens.

Jiang wrote online, "A lady asked me whether a guy would love a fat girl" and posted a selfie that showed him wearing a disgusted expression.

He continued, "I don’t think so. No guy will ever love a fat girl. If you’re fat, you need to stop eating rice, ice cream and chocolate. Besides, you should do a lot of exercise and avoid swallowing your saliva. You try and see."

Angry netizens slammed him for discriminating plus-sized girls. Some even shared pictures of themselves with their other halves to prove Jiang wrong.

He later issued an apology via a video and said it was "specially dedicated to heavier girls".