Self proclaimed great taxi driver retorts to proud chicken rice store owner on video -- by flaunting cash

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

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A video circulating on WhatsApp showed a self proclaimed taxi driver who flaunted his wealth on camera while condemning those who sold chicken rice, seemingly in retaliation to the ‘haolian’ chicken rice stall owner was caught on video telling a cabbie that he would never ‘achieve great things’.

Stomp was alerted to the video by Stomper Ah Boy.

In the video, the alleged taxi driver said that in a mixture of dialect and Mandarin:

“Why are you selling chicken rice?

“It’s because you wont’t amount to anything and can’t earn a lot of money.

“Us taxi drivers are the ones who do great things and earn a lot of money.”

He is then seen counting a stack of thousand-dollar bills, finally stopping at $10,000.

The man then reiterated:

“We (cabbies) are the people who can accomplish great things.

“We don’t sell chicken rice like you do.

“Those who sell chicken rice won’t amount to anything.”

When asked about the video, Ah Boy said:

“This is just another stupid taunt.

“If the feud between taxi drivers and chicken rice sellers continues, it’ll be because of people like this driver here.”