See how driver crashes into one car, then swerves into another at Woodlands Ave 12

There's a good reason why they DON"T teach you to swerve abruptly in driving school. Mostly because it causes accidents.

Sadly, this driver learnt that lesson the hard way.

In a video Facebook user Kevin Low shared with Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, a driver crashes into a car at Woodlands Avenue 12

However, right after that, he tries to swerve out of the way to lessen the impact.

This, unfortunately, only meant that he ended up scraping the car next to him.

Two of the car drivers involved stop by the side of the road after the fender bender.

Many netizens pointed how the driver should not have panicked and swerved after the crash.

Some also stated that the third driver also almost crashed into the car next to him when he swerved to avoid the second car as well.