Police called in after fight between 4 security guards and 1 mover at Eco Sanctuary condo

Submitted by Stomper Monnie, Anonymous

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A fight broke out between a mover and four security guards near Eco Sanctuary Condominium in Bukit Panjang earlier today (June 24).

Stomper Anonymous contributed a video that shows the five men in a tussle, while another mover watched from the sidelines.

The mover who was involved in the altercation was later pinned down by one of the security guards.

Anonymous told Stomp:

"His partner saw his colleague being hammered but did nothing to help."

Stomper Monnie had also witnessed the incident and said the police were subsequently called in to the scene, as seen in several photos that he shared.

He added:

"One security guard and one mover started the fight. Four security guards then rushed out and pinned down the mover on road.

"I think the security guards were unhappy about the moving in procedures.

"The boss of the movers also came to take photos of his injured staff."

In response to media queries by Stomp, a Police spokesperson said they were alerted to a case of Voluntarily Causing Hurt at 65 Chestnut Avenue at 9.32am.

Police investigations are ongoing.