Scoot apologises after emailing passenger reminder with wrong timing, causing him to miss flight

Submitted by Stomper Dennis

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A Scoot passenger who was supposed to board a flight ended up missing it due to an error in the timing stated in an email from Scoot.

Stomper Dennis was supposed to board flight TR370, which was bound for Singapore, at Phillipines' Kalibo airport.

In an email reminder from Scoot, it was stated that the flight would depart Kalibo International Airport at 5pm on Nov 19, 2017.

However, after arriving at the airport, he found out that the plane had already departed at 2.15pm instead of the 5pm stated in Scoot's email.

He then confronted Scoot staff about the error in the email.

According to Dennis, Scoot staff apologised and pointed out to him that they did inform him that the flight would be rescheduled in an email sent on Sep 26, 2017, nearly two months before the day of departure.

In the email, Scoot said that the flight would be rescheduled to depart from Kalibo at 2.15pm.

However, in the latest email reminder they sent to the Stomper on Nov 8, 2017, they had stated it would depart at 5pm instead, which the Stomper had followed.

Speaking to Stomp in a telephone interview, Dennis said, "I asked them to give me a free ticket but they refused and only apologised."

"Only after insisting then they offered me a ticket to fly back to Singapore the next day," added Dennis.

Dennis said that Scoot had told him they would offer him the ticket as "compensation".

"A free ticket is not compensation," stated Dennis.

As he missed his flight, Dennis told Stomp he was forced to stay another night at the hotel.

According to Dennis, he said that including him, there were six people who missed the flight but it cannot be confirmed if it was because of the error in the email or for other reasons.

Dennis then attempted to contact Scoot several times in the months that followed for monetary compensation but failed.

In response to media queries from Stomp, a Scoot spokesperson said:

"We are sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused to the passenger, and we are reaching out to him on this issue.

"He has been flown out on the next available flight, and the technical error has also been corrected and email reminders will reflect the latest flight timings scheduled."