Not just putting out fires and saving lives: SCDF can also sing, dance and act

Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) bust out their best moves in their first-ever Workplan video that was posted on their Facebook page.

Produced in the form of a musical, the video, featuring their own score, choreography, actors, lyricist and vocalists, showcased their key achievements and activities for the past work year.

The video starts out sombre, showing a family in distress while anxiously waiting for their child to be rescued by firemen from a fire.

They are then filled with gratitude when their child escapes from the fire unscathed.

The video then progresses to showcase a number of different incidents and events that took place throughout the year. 

SCDF wrote: "We proudly present this SCDF in-house production. Enjoy!"

Check the video out below.