SCDF conducts forced entry to put out fire at wet market in Sembawang Mart

Submitted by Stomper Torra, JK

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A fire broke out at a wet market located within Sembawang Mart in the wee hours of Monday (May 17).

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were alerted to the blaze at 511 Canberra Road at around 12.45am, they told Stomp in response to queries.

"The fire involved contents of a wet market," said SCDF.

SCDF conducted forced entry into the market and extinguished the fire using three water jets.

There were no reported injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Stomper Torra shared photos showing the scene being cordoned off by the police. Charred remains can also be seen inside the market.

Torra, a resident in the vicinity, said: "I was sleeping when my mum woke me up. She told me that she heard a loud bang and thought that people were quarreling or throwing things.

"We later realised that the wet market at Sembawang Mart had caught fire.

"I decided to go downstairs to see what was happening. I heard from another resident that a passer-by had gone to the ATM and smelled something burning. The passer-by saw orange flames and heard an explosion so she called the police and SCDF.

"The wet market looks destroyed by the fire. I pity all the stall owners."

Stomper JK also shared a video showing a commotion at the scene.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Health Minister and Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC Ong Ye Kung expressed gratitude to residents who called the SCDF.

He also commended the SCDF for their swift action in extinguishing the fire.

Mr Ong added: "While the cause of fire is still being investigated, given the extent of the fire, we will work with the Housing Development Board (HDB) to reinstate the wet market asap and reach out to all affected stall holders to provide assistance."

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