Scalpers sell NDP 2019 tickets on Carousell: "Low ballers please stay away"

Submitted by Stomper Ridhwan

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If you were unsuccessful in getting yourself a ticket to the National Day Parade (NDP) this year then fret not. You can always rely on Carousell. 

Stomper Ridhwan shared with Stomp a couple of screenshots from Carousell. 

The screenshots were Carousell postings of NDP tickets where people left descriptions saying: "We encourage that you compare prices of similar listings before buying."

A search shows postings of people looking to purchase a pair of tickets for as high as $150.

According to the NDP Website, the window to apply for NDP tickets was from May 23 to June 2. If successful, the applicant would have received an email on Monday (June 24). 

Ridhwan told Stomp that he has been trying to get tickets to the NDP for 16 years but was never successful. He was looking for tickets when he noticed these postings on Carousell. 

He said: "If they're not going to the parade then why did they apply for the ticket in the first place?"