SBS Transit apologises that 'bus did not pass muster' after passenger points out 'cleanliness issues'

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No one wants to ride on a dirty bus.

After a passenger lamented that an SBS Transit bus had "cleanliness issues", the company apologised that the bus "did not pass muster where cleanliness is concerned".

Sharing photos of the bus interior, Stomper Lim said: "After Singapore reopened and more people are travelling for work and leisure, I feel that the bus cleanliness standard has dropped.

"For example, I came across an SBS Transit bus with the registration number SBS7631J having cleanliness issues: dusty interior, window ledge and seats filled with stains. I have written to the bus company on June 12 and August 12. However, there is no improvement. Probably the bus company missed this bus in the cleaning schedule."

In response to a Stomp query, Mrs Grace Wu, Vice President (Special Grade), Customer Experience and Communications, SBS Transit said: "SBS Transit takes the cleanliness of our buses seriously. Our buses are cleaned regularly and go through a bus-washing machine every other day. 

"We wish to apologise that the bus in question did not pass muster where cleanliness is concerned.

"We will work to do better."

But the Stomper believes commuters have a part to play too.

"The main point is although it is the bus company's responsibility to keep the buses clean, I feel that the commuter should also share the responsibility," he said.

"I often see food or drink stains on board. Hence, commuters should refrain from eating or drinking on board. Commuters should also avoid placing their feet on the seats or grab poles."

And if you do not refrain, you risk getting Stomped.

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