SBS employee and commuters rush to help man who had epileptic fit on train

Submitted by Stomper Dianna

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Stomper Dianna was impressed by SBS staff and commuters' quick response to a man who appeared to be having an epileptic fit on a train headed towards Little India.

The incident happened on Oct 1 at around 9.30am.

In an email to Stomp, she described the situation:

"A man who was sitting directly across me slipped off his seat and fell to the floor. He appeared to be having an epileptic fit."

A young lady proceeded to press the emergency button and shared with the driver what had happened over the intercom."

She added that a foreign worker beside her who was initially hesitant to help, later assisted by applying pressure on the man's eyebrow dents to stop his epileptic fit.

Shortly after, the train came to a stop and a male SBS staff member with a walkie-talkie came to examine the man who was lying on the ground. The staff member and two other passengers then helped to carry the man out of the train.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper later mentioned, "I think the SBS staff member was trying to call for an ambulance."

She concluded by saying, "I was just really impressed with people's prompt response in assisting (the man)".