Say bye to strangers taking photos of you not wearing your mask properly -- or at all -- on public transport

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At last!

From Monday (Feb 13), you will no longer be required to wear a mask on public transportation.

After three long years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, this should come as a relief to many.

It also means Stompers will no longer take pictures of you for not wearing your mask properly – or not at all – on the train or bus.

Here are some of the photos Stomp received this year:

Stomper Wil took this photo of a secondary school student on a bus wearing his mask under his nose on Friday (Feb 10), the day after the lifting of the public transport mask requirement was announced. The Stomper said: "Mask not required only effective from Monday."

Another Stomper shared a photo of an unmasked man in an army uniform who boarded the train at Yew Tee station and alighted at Marsiling. The Stomper said: "I saw this passenger forgot to wear his mask. I waved to him to remind him, but he didn't respond."

Stomper Technician took a photo of a man with his mask under his chin on the East-West Line at 7.05am. The Stomper said: "This man didn't wear his mask properly and was talking so loudly on the phone."

On Feb 9, Stomper Krys saw three men who boarded the train at Bugis station also with masks under their chins.

On Feb 8, Stomper Dan took a photo of a "selfish man" on bus service 176 at 7pm who not only pulled down his mask. "He was coughing away and spreading germs to others in a crowded bus during peak hour. Then my throat was feeling itchy and I was also starting to cough. I asked him to wear his mask properly, but he ignored me."

On Feb 6, Stomper Kirby spotted a woman not wearing her mask properly on a bus at Jurong East.

On Jan 26, Stomper Ken saw a male and a female train passenger pull their masks down to speak separately on the phone. He said: "Their masks were up when they boarded the train at Choa Chu Kang but decided to pull down their masks when they started their video calls. The two inconsiderate people continued to chat on their phones very loudly until Jurong East."

On Jan 22, Stomper James said: "This man was not wearing a mask on the MRT even when told to do so."

On Jan 20, Stomper Eileen shared a photo of a man with his mask under his chin on bus service 198.

On Jan 19, Stomper Goh took a photo of a woman with two boys on the train from Ang Mo Kio to Toa Payoh and only one of the boys was wearing his mask properly.

On Jan 17, Stomper Hui Lin's mom saw a man without a mask taking the train from Kallang to Commonwealth in the afternoon.

On Jan 16, Stomper Hilarion said of a train passenger: "He was told not to drink and he complied, but when advised to put on a mask, he pretended not to hear as he had his earpiece on."

On Jan 13, Stomper Felicia wondered why two male passengers did not mask up properly and took a photo of them.

On Jan 10, Stomper Lily said: "This lady took up two seats and didn’t intend to put her bags elsewhere during peak hour. She didn’t wear a mask. She was reading a traditional vertical-lined Chinese book but didn’t seem cultured after all."

On Jan 8, Stomper Castro said the bus captain did not question the unmasked passenger who boarded the bus in Toa Payoh at 6.40am.

On Jan 5, Stomper Pssdoff said: "A woman got on at Tanah Merah MRT station and enjoyed a mask-free ride to Tampines while other masked commuters pretended they didn't see her."

On the same day, Stomper Aaaaa said: "This old man removed his mask and hogged the seat. He said his wife was coming, but when he alighted at MacPherson, his wife was still not there."

On Jan 2, Stomper Nancy took a photo of a man wearing his mask over his eyes on the North-South Line heading towards town at 7am. "It seemed to be effective to help the guy sleep very soundly throughout his journey."

See anyone you recognize?