Did you 'kena saman' or saw 'how to catch wild boar in Seletar Reservoir' event? They're pranks

Submitted by Stomper Dan

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Some netizens were alarmed after coming across a workshop aimed at teaching participants how to allegedly catch wild boars at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

It turns out the faux event was a prank by a team at Singapore-based telco start-up Circles.Life.

Stomper Dan alerted Stomp to the event that was listed on the telco's Discover website. It has since been taken down.

However, the event is still listed on Facebook.

Dan asked: "Is this kind of workshop even legal in Singapore?"

In the listing, the event is described as "the very first of its kind in Singapore" and will take participants to the forests surrounding Upper Seletar Reservoir to "hunt wild boar native to the area".

The post says: "The highly experienced hunting guides will be with you through the entire process, from planning and prep to stalking and hunting of the boar"

In response to a Stomp query, a Circles.Life spokesman clarified the event is not an event they are actually planning on conducting.

"This post was put out as a prank by our Discover Team and is definitely not an actual initiative or event that we were planning to conduct," the spokesman said.

"We have responded to readers to clarify that we were not serious about this and it was a part of Discover Fun.

"Discover Fun is our latest category that allows users to browse and book workshops from five categories including Arts & Crafts, Culinary, Fitness, Beauty and Hobbies - but certainly not catching wild boars!"

The fake event is not the only event the telco has carried out to promote their Discover Fun category.

Stompers Peter, Rae and Ann alerted Stomp to fake "samans" left on cars at Waterway Point, Tampines Mall and Westgate.

Stomper Rae said: "I got a shock when I saw so many cars at Westgate with parking summons.

It turns out it's just a marketing strategy by CirclesLife fining people for being too boring and just going to malls instead of doing fun things like those on their new Discover Fun initiative."

Stomper Ann asked if it was allowed and said, "This can cause distress to so many drivers."

Stomper Peter added: "Are they even allowed to do this kind of marketing? It's so misleading and makes people angry!"

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