Sanitary pads raining down on sheltered walkway removed, investigations ongoing: Town Council

Sanitary pads on the roof of a sheltered walkway in front of Block 440C Clementi Avenue 3 have been removed, said a Jurong-Clementi Town Council spokesman in response to a Stomp article.

A Stomper, who is a resident of Block 440C Clementi Avenue 3, the block right behind the walkway, had taken a photo last Sunday (Sep 30) at 4.30pm.

She told Stomp she had noticed the sanitary pads there for over a week.

She said: "I just moved into this flat five months ago and it is quite unsightly to be seeing people's private items near your home."

The Jurong-Clementi Town Council spokesman told Stomp today (Oct 4): "We would like to inform you that the sanitary pads have since been removed. Investigations with the National Environment Agency (NEA) are now on-going."