Samsung reviewing communication materials after customer unsatisfied with trade-in value offered

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Samsung is reviewing their communication materials after a customer was unsatisfied with a trade-in value that was offered for his Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Stomper A contributed photos of his phone and said: "I got to know of this promotion when I was at a M1 shop in Bugis earlier this month (Sep).

"This promotion offered an awesome trade-up value for customers who are considering upgrades to the Galaxy S10, Note10 and more. 

"I was enticed to take up the offer to upgrade my phone to the latest model.

"The price shown on the promotion is quite high to me. They're offering $350 for me to trade in and get a new phone.

"I went down to Tampines Mall at about 3pm on Sunday (Sep 20) and went to the Samsung Experience Store there.

"I brought my phone to them and they scrutinised it. My phone was purchased two years ago in Sep 2017. It's as if the phone must be in a brand new condition without any defects. 

"Ended up I was only offered $38. They mentioned about the dead pixels and screen burn, which is out of user control since it's a design flaw.

"I was faulted for that and the value was deducted, which doesn't make sense at all to me. 

"I didn't go ahead with the trade-in in the end. I felt it wasn't worth it. 

In response to a Stomp query, a Samsung spokesperson said: "While customer satisfaction is our top priority, the actual trade-in value for each device is determined by our vendor based on the model type and device condition upon assessment done at Samsung Experience Store.

"Although this has been highlighted to consumers in our Samsung Trade Up communication materials, the team is reviewing these materials again, and will focus on trying to improve the clarity of information for consumers."

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