Samsung responds to video of phone exploding in man's pocket: Battery in device was not approved by Samsung

A video of a phone exploding in an Indonesian man’s pockets has been circulating on Facebook recently. 

In the video, the shared by All Singapore Stuff, the man could be seen touching his front pocket of his shirt, which contained the phone, moments before it exploded, causing the man’s shirt to catch fire. 

As the man panicked and struggled, he fell to the floor. 

Fortunately, a passerby came over to help remove the shirt which was on fire, off the man.

Afterwards, another man in black helped the phone owner to his feet. 

It is unclear if he sustained injuries, but he could be seen clutching his face as he was led away. 

In an accompanying caption to the post, it was written that the phone involved was a Samsung phone.

Stomp contacted Samsung regarding the video. 

In response to Stomp’s query, a Samsung spokesperson said:

"From a thorough investigation, we have found that the battery used in the device was not manufactured by Samsung or a company authorized by Samsung. 

“We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products. 

“Samsung is committed to providing consumers with safe and pleasant user experience enhanced by strict quality controls and high safety standards.”

Watch the shocking video below.