Netizens can’t believe Ukrainian woman wedded Chinese groom out of love

A newlywed couple has set tongues wagging after photos of them surfaced online.

However, what was even more unbelievable for some netizens, was the fact that they had forgone the traditional betrothal gifts and a lavish pre-wedding ceremony. 

In Chinese tradition, the husband-to-be often shower the family of the bride-to-be with gifts months before their actual wedding 

The gifts can range from consumables such as candy, pastries, liquor to more expensive items such as cars or even property. 

On top of the gifts, the family of the hopeful groom must also pay the bride’s family a sum of money, often referred to as ‘bride’s dowry’.

However, Inesa’s family and the bride did not ask for anything.

According to Nextshark and Shanghaiist, the two had met in January 2016, while Inesa was working as a translator in Beijing. 

Ines was immediately attracted to He due to his kindness, while he was taken by her cheerfulness. 

The two fell in love and frequently travelled together. 

Last 2017, the two decided to get married and appealed for their marriage certificate in October 2017. 

The wedding took place on Friday (March 9) at He’s hometown: The Yangcheng county in the province of Shanxi

Inesa’s parents reportedly flew to attend her wedding as well. 

The couple also announced that they are going to stay in the Yangcheng county.