Salon customer gets text that she's blacklisted, company says it doesn't have such 'bad practice'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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She just wanted to make a hair appointment.

A hair salon customer was surprised to get a message informing her that her number was blacklisted.

The Stomper was told that she had been making appointments with the salon for a few months and never showed up.

"Then you still keep annoying us that you want to make an appointment," continued the message.

"Are you sick?"

The Stomper said she found the message "shocking".

In response to a Stomp query, the company said it does not blacklist customers.

"We have also clarified with the outlet, and the staff replied in a joking manner as the customer did not appear for the previously booked appointments. We have in response, sent a warning letter, and demoted the staff for responding in such manner accordingly," said the company.

The Stomper told Stomp that she previously had a good experience with the salon, which is part of a popular chain.

"Whenever I tried to book an appointment, it was tough because the Waterway Point outlet was always full. But once or twice, I managed to be slotted in. So I kept going back."

She said she had messaged the salon only twice recently on Nov 7 and 25 to enquire about making an appointment.

"I didn’t reply with a confirmation. So I thought that was it."

Sharing screenshots of her chat with the salon, she told Stomp that she had never confirmed an appointment that was later cancelled.

The Stomper wondered: "Do they treat all their other customers this way? Or just those that didn’t take their credit packages?

"Can salons in Singapore just blacklist their customers like that?

"I have always been a good customer and never once have I been treated like this."

The company told Stomp: "We do not have such bad practice of blacklisting customers."