SAJC students push elderly man whose PMA battery died from Kovan MRT station to church

Submitted by Stomper Isabel

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An elderly man was left stranded after the battery of his personal mobility aid (PMA) went dead at Kovan MRT station on Friday afternoon (Nov 25).

Stomper Isabel said she and another woman had tried to help push the elderly man, but struggled with the weight.

What happened next, however, warmed her heart.

The Stomper recounted: "I would like to praise this group of St Andrew's Junior College (SAJC) students for offering their help to push this elderly man and his PMA, whose battery had gone dead, all the way from Kovan MRT station to Glad Tidings Church at about 4.30pm.

"I first spotted a lady trying to push the elderly man and I tried to help, but both of us were struggling to to push the scooter as it was quite heavy.

"This group of students saw us and they offered their help. They pushed the elderly man to the church so that he could charge his scooter. The elderly man wanted to buy them drinks, but they declined."

In photos that Isabel sent to Stomp, seven to eight students can be seen walking alongside the elderly man. Many had bright smiles on their faces, though the widest one belonged to the elderly man.

According to Google Maps, it is at least a 10-minute walk between both destinations.

Isabel added: "It was heartwarming to see such a kind act from not one but a whole group of students. Bravo!"

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