SAF soldiers caring for canine comrade is proof of what makes S'pore so great

Submitted by Stomper Kuo Fung

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Being an exemplary soldier in Singapore means caring for others, regardless of their age or gender, race or religion, and even whether they are man or animal.

Stomper Kuo Fung was heartened to see how three soldiers from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) cared for their dog while he was at Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (Gelenggang) along Upper Thomson Road.

The incident occurred on June 5 at around 4pm, when the Stomper was at the clinic with his dog.

Kuo Fung said:

"I saw three young SAF soldiers with an old German Shepherd there. I queried one of the soldiers about the dog' age and was told it was 14 years old.

"The dog was lying quietly on the floor all the time. When it was struggling to get up, one of the soldiers promptly lifted up its abdomen to help it stand.

"Before they left the premises, one soldier brought some water for the dog to drink . They then help it to stand and gently led him away to their vehicle

"I am very proud of what the soldiers did that day and I believe this is what is making our nation great -- they know how to take care of their comrades."

The Stomper said he did not manage to take a photo of the soldiers or the dog, but wished to highlight the heartwarming incident.