Sad to see employee having to put back abandoned items 1 by 1 at supermarket

Submitted by Stomper Michie

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Singapore has seen instances of panic buying at supermarkets despite multiple reassurances that we have an adequate food supply and that essential businesses will stay open.

Several people have also noted how shopping baskets and trolleys were left abandoned after shoppers changed their minds, presumably due to the long queues and waiting time.

And do you know who suffers from panic buying in the end? Supermarket staff who have to painstakingly return the products to their original places.

Stomper Michy was at FairPrice Finest at Waterway Point last Friday night (Apr 3) when she noticed an employee doing just that.

She said: "It was around 10pm and there were long queues at the cashier counters.

"I saw an employee putting back items that had been abandoned by shoppers. It was very sad to see him having to differentiate the items and put them back one by one.

"I really pity the staff who need to work double or even triple hard just because of such inconsiderate acts by people.

"Everybody can play a part by not causing trouble to frontline staff. Buy things only when you need them and return them to the correct place if you decide not to buy.

"Treat it like your house. You wouldn't want your belongings everywhere."