Sabah man short of cash when buying KFC for orphans, but staff surprises him

A man was ordering food in bulk from a KFC restaurant in Sabah, Malaysia, but found himself short of cash.

He posted on Facebook about how he had ordered 25 sets of food that amounted to more than RM100 from the fast food restaurant's outlet at Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu.

They were meant for children at an orphanage.

Realising that he lacked cash, the man decided to pay via credit card.

However, the restaurant could not accept payment by cards due to a technical fault with its card readers.

That was when help came in an unexpected form.

Staff at the KFC outlet told him, "It’s okay, sir. We’ll give you the balance free of charge."

In his post, the man commended the employees for their kind act and wished them all good things in life.