Runaway Uber in Seattle explodes into a fireball after fiery crash into a gas station

CCTV footage from a gas station in Seattle captured the shocking moment an out-of-control car crashed into one of the pumps, and exploded into a ball of flames.  

In the video, which was uploaded yesterday (Mar 15) by several news outlets, an SUV can be seen crashing into a pump at full speed, causing a huge explosion.

According to 23 ABC News, Seattle police said that the vehicle was involved in another crash before it collided with the pump in the gas station.

It was reported that the first crash occurred a couple of blocks away, and it involved two vehicles. The vehicle that the SUV hit collided with a tree and split into half, the news outlet reported. 

The SUV driver was an Uber driver and had two passengers in the back seat when the accident occurred. It was reported that one of the passengers suffered minor injuries, but the driver involved in the first crash is in critical condition.