Rooster crowing at 3am ruffles feathers of Jalan Bukit Merah resident who is unable to sleep

Submitted by Stomper Cecil

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A rooster is causing sleepless nights for the residents of Block 139 Jalan Bukit Merah.

Stomper Cecil, who is a resident, shared videos of the chickens in the area, including of one in a tree.

"One rooster would fly up to the tree every day from 6pm," said the Stomper. "Every morning, the rooster would crow from 3am to 6am."

"It has been already two weeks and I am unable to sleep well. I just came back from nose operation. Please help!"

Tanjong Pagar Town Council told Shin Min Daily News that it had received complaints from the residents about the chickens and it is looking into it.

A spokesman said the town council is working closely with the National Parks Board to manage the chicken population and started taking action on May 9.