Road users rally to help rider who skidded and fell on expressway during heavy downpour

A group of road users banded together to help a rider who had skidded and fallen on the expressway during a downpour this morning (Sep 15) at around 8.45am.

Two drivers and two motorcyclists stopped to help the fallen rider along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) just after the Stevens Road exit.

One of the motorcyclists, Heath Tan, caught the incident on his helmet camera and posted it on Facebook.

In the video, the kind-hearted group helped the rider up and escorted him to the right side of the expressway.

Another motorcyclist helped to pull the motorcycle the right way up and push it to the side as well.

Heath and a male driver stayed with the rider to make sure he was all right.

He was not badly injured but had suffered a gash on his palm and was walking with a limp.

Seeing that standing on the right side of the expressway was dangerous, Heath asked the car driver to help divert traffic so that he could push the rider's motorcycle to the road shoulder.

While Heath pushed the motorcycle, the driver helped the rider cross the expressway to the other side as well.

Heath then pushed the rider's motorcycle to under a flyover and out of the rain.

He then instructed the rider to call a tow truck and to call his family or friends to pick him up.

He also told him to get a cloth to press against his wound to stop the bleeding before leaving him with a "Take care ah, bro!"

Heath shared his experience with Facebook group SG Road Vigilante and gave kudos to the other motorists who stopped to help as well.

Other Facebook users had nothing but praise for Heath:

Watch the video below.