Road rage leads to dramatic chain collision on California freeway

A nasty chain collision involving three vehicles on a freeway in California could have been avoided, if not for the road rage displayed by two of the drivers.

A video posted by NowThis on Facebook shows how the incident started as an altercation between a sedan driver and a motorcyclist.

The biker was filmed giving the sedan a kick and sources say he did that because the driver had "cut off the motorcyclist to get into the high-occupancy lane".

A high-occupancy vehicle lane is a restricted traffic lane reserved at peak travel times exclusively for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers (e.g. carpools and transit buses).

In retaliation, the sedan driver swerved into the biker and collided with him.

However, that proved to be an unwise decision as the driver skidded and crashed into the road divider as sparks flew from his vehicle.

The impact then sent the sedan flying right into an oncoming white truck on another lane, causing the latter to flip over while it came to a halt.

And because life is unfair, only the innocent driver of the passing truck had to be treated for injuries while the other two road rage motorists escaped unscathed from their folly.

Police are investigating the incident.

Netizens have slammed both the biker and sedan driver, while expressing their sympathies for the truck driver "who was 1,000% innocent here".