Road rage escalates into 2 vs 1 fistfight, until passers-by intervene

Road rage incidents are not uncommon in Singapore, though we would like to think otherwise.

Every other week, a video of a dispute between motorists goes viral and sparks Internet debates.

But on rare occasions, our faith in humanity is restored when these videos show total strangers stepping up to stop the dispute and reason with both parties.

A video posted on Fabrications About The PAP shows one such incident, which happened yesterday (June 5).

The clip, credited to Shawn, shows a man pointing and yelling at a car driver who has stopped by the side of the road.

A motorcyclist is seen trying to keep the man calm, until another individual joins in and yells at the driver as well.

Eventually, things get too heated and the driver steps out of the car and approaches the first man who was shouting at him.

The two waste no time in trading blows, and end up brawling all over the grass patch by the side of the road despite the biker telling them not to.

The second individual who was also yelling at the driver soon joins in the fracas, and pins the driver down while the two rain blows on him.

When another passer-by, wearing a green T-shirt, arrives at the scene of the fight, he joins the motorcyclist and the two separate the three brawling men.

Despite the best efforts of these bystanders, the three still try and trade blows and even fling things at one another other.

The driver even flings stuff at one of the men who brawled with him, before heading back to his car and driving off.

The motorcyclist is seen talking to the two other men who were involved in the fight and trying to keep them calm.

A woman, who appears to be associated with these two men, is seen picking the items of the ground that were dropped during the fight.

It is unclear where the incident occurred at, or why the dispute started.