Rider sent skidding after driver makes illegal left turn at Punggol Drive

A driver knocked a motorcyclist off his bike and sent him skidding on the road when he made an illegal left at the junction of Punggol Drive and Punggol Place.

A video of the incident was posted on ROADS.sg's Facebook page. The post's caption indicated that the accident happened on Oct 5 at about 6.28pm.

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In the video, the driver is seen indicating left at the traffic light despite it being a straight-only lane.

It appears he might have missed or did not realise that there was a filter lane for left-turning vehicles before the traffic light.

A motorcyclist riding straight and coming from the car's left gets hit while the driver makes an illegal turn.

The rider and his bike are seen skidding on the road along the pedestrian crossing before coming to a stop.