Rider of M'sia-registered motorbike flees after crashing into Silver Cab taxi

Some motorist stop after getting involved in an accident to exchange particulars, check on each other, or even get into arguments or fights.

And there are those who stoop low and flee the scene altogether.

Just like the rider of a Malaysian-registered motorcycle seen in a video clip posted on SBS - Sure Boh Singapore.

The motorcyclist (licence plate number JPH 3105) crashes into the back of a Silver Cab taxi.

The taxi driver steps out of the car to check on the damage.

However, the rider gets back on his motorcycle and rides off.

The taxi driver tries to race after him.

Another motorist who stopped to help picks up the debris and clears them form the road.

He then stops to talk to the cam-car driver about what had happened.

Many netizens lamented that it would be impossible to trace the biker as he was from across the causeway.

However, some pointed out that the driver should report the incident with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to check if the rider has an AutoPASS to enter Singapore.

Motorists who are driving into Singapore regularly can register for an AutoPASS to speed up the customs clearance process.