Rider injured, battery pack dislodged after falling off e-scooter

An electric scooter rider who fell off his mobility device sustained multiple skin abrasions which required medical attention.

According to a comment in the thread, the rider is allegedly 12 years old.

It is unclear when and where the incident happened.

In a video posted on ROADS.sg's Facebook page, a boy is seen lying on the floor with injuries on his knees, elbows and stomach.

The battery pack of the electric scooter, as well as the electric scooter itself, are also seen several meters away from him

The video also stated that the device does not have any handbrakes.

However, a Stomper pointed out that someone had commented in the post and attached a photo, showing that the electric scooter was indeed equipped with brakes.

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This e-scooter rider fell off his ride and sustained multiple skin abrasions. Medical attention was required for this...

Posted by ROADS.sg on Thursday, 28 June 2018

The post read: "This e-scooter rider fell off his ride and sustained multiple skin abrasions.

"Medical attention was required for this young rider. We wish this rider a speedy and full recovery. We also wish for him to have learned a great lesson from this episode.

"Can you imagine this same e-scooter hitting a pedestrian from behind?

"With the Active Mobility Act being enforced since last month, will the new guidelines and stricter penalties help to deter reckless riders?"

While some netizens think that the boy's plight was well-deserved, others spoke up for him.