Rider, driver or pedestrian, here's why you shouldn't use your phone while on the road

Submitted by Stomper Edros

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Sometimes, people need a reminder of why they should not distract themselves with their phones while on the move.

One cyclist learnt this the hard way when he crashed into the back of the vehicle while using his phone and cycling at the same time.

Stomper Edros alerted Stomp to the video taken from a car camera that has been circulating online.

The cyclist can be seen from a distance holding a phone in his right hand with his other hand on the bicycle's handlebar.

His eyes are glued to his phone as he continues to cycle.

When his eyes focus to the road in front of him, he sees the vehicle but it is not soon enough and he crashes into the back of it, causing his body to fling forwards onto the vehicle.

His recovery is quite remarkable as he quickly checks behind him before manoeuvring the bicycle and taking off again.