Rider confronts 'SG Karen' who allegedly cut his queue and kicked him

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July 21, 2022

A viral video of a man confronting a couple in Jurong after the woman allegedly kicked him has got netizens debating over who really was at fault.

TikTok user Idonuttcare uploaded a video titled "First time meeting crazy SG Karen" on Tuesday (July 19) which shows a part of the incident.

Some background: Idonuttcare wrote in the video's caption that it all started when he muttered some Hokkien profanities at the couple after they "cut the (queue) into a lift and (blocked his) way in".

Unhappy that he had used vulgarities on her, the woman allegedly threatened to call the police on him.

She also allegedly threatened to punch him, but was stopped by her male counterpart, (presumably her husband) said Idonuttcare.

@idonuttcare It all started because i said “CCB” when they both cut the q to the lift and block my way in, but i still squeeze in anyways she then say “i call police” to which i replied “call la” then she get super upset. She wanted to punch me then the husband stop her or the father idk la. But out of nowhere she manage to kick me. Told her to stay i call police coz she assualted me but they dw. The husband/father knew what she did and thats why he was super apologetic all the way. Anyways i was going to jcube and they also go that direction so i take video lor just in case then this happened #fyp #sgkaren #grabrider ♬ original sound - idonuttcare

Things escalated after the man claimed he was kicked by the woman "out of nowhere".

"Told her to stay (so that) I (could) call the police because she assaulted me, but they didn't want to. (The man) knew what she did, that's why he was super apologetic all the way." 

Idonuttcare then decided to film the couple as they were headed towards JCube.

In the video, the woman's husband pleads with the man not to pursue the matter and to ignore his wife's outbursts by saying, "Give me face, don't care (about) her." 

At one point, the woman berates her husband for continuing to engage the man in conversation.

When Idonouttcare tells the woman he "never do anything", the latter retorts angrily: "You never do anything but you called me a chao ch** b**."

The video has garnered over 67,000 views and over 150 comments from netizens.

Some felt that the TikTok user should not have prolonged the matter by following the couple, as the woman's husband had already apologised on her behalf. 

Others said he should have called the police on the woman, if she did indeed assault him.

Responding to one of these comments, Idonuttcare explained that he didn't call the police as the man told him his wife had a problem controlling her temper.

Netizens were, at least, united on one point: They pitied the man for having to deal with a hot-tempered wife.


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