Ride down memory lane with these old tickets back to a time when taking a bus was only 35 cents

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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Have you got a ticket to ride?

Before the EZ-Link card and before the MRT, Singaporeans needed a ticket to ride the public bus.

Stomper Lim collected those tickets for years if not decades.

Sharing photos of his collection, he said: "During primary school time, I started keeping them as a hobby.

"Then recently, I came across them. I have kept them for so long. The last time I saw them was almost 20 years ago."

The Stomper had tickets from the days when buses had conductors to punch a hole in the ticket to after the introduction of the one-man-operated buses with the ticket-dispensing machine.

He had tickets that cost only 35 cents. Does anyone remember the last time we paid less than a buck for the bus?

The Stomper also collected Malaysian bus tickets, which had the word "sen" printed on them.

"Tickets are not being used anymore, but I keep them for the memories," he said.

"Now we all use the EZ-Link card."